Jodi Freedman & Courtney Gifford

Meet Jodi Freedman and Courtney Gifford, who were elected to the Steering Committee of the Friends at the September 2021 Annual Meeting.

Jodi Freedman has been a volunteer at the Friends’ book sales for more than 15 years. She moved to Natick, where her husband grew up, in 2000, and became a frequent library patron when her children were little. She notes with pride that her children, who are now in their teens, have also become library book sale volunteers. She’s looking forward to getting more involved in efforts to find ways to increase resources for the Morse.

Courtney Gifford moved to Natick on a Saturday in 2018 and went to the Morse Institute the following Tuesday to get her library card. She’s loved reading from an early age, bringing books with her on car trips and to family events as she was growing up, and confesses that while her love is historical fiction, she will read “almost anything.” She loves the range of services the Morse offers, particularly the programs, the hold system, and Speed Reads.


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