Our “ask” about book donations

We love getting book donations. Really. We also know you’ve been busy organizing your house and clearing your book shelves over the past few months, and you want those books OUT. But it will be terrifying if all of you show up at the library with all of your books at once.

As we start taking book donations on August 10, we’re asking donors to limit donations to two boxes OR four grocery bags a day so we are not overwhelmed.

Processing donations is an all-volunteer exercise complicated by COVID. When books come in, they are quarantined for 72 hours before they can be sorted or boxed up. You can picture the logistical challenges and health precautions that are necessary.

In pre-COVID days we would get 600-1000 book donations every week and that kept us hopping. By limiting the number of books you bring in with each trip, you’ll help us  manage the incoming volume of books.

We appreciate your understanding and your help in bringing in your donations gradually.


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