Sally McCoubrey Friends Treasurer

Sally McCoubrey Friends Treasurer

I’ve lived in Natick since 1980. Immediately after the closing on our house my husband and I walked across the street to get library cards, using the paperwork from the closing to prove our residency. The Library has been a part of my life and near and dear to my heart ever since.

One day in 1992 I stopped by a book sale being held by the young Friends group and I knew I wanted to become part of the organization — not just as a member, but as an active participant. I volunteered to help at the next sale and was there recruited to stand for election to the Steering Committee and become its second Treasurer.

I am currently serving my 4th two-year term as a Steering Committee member and as Treasurer. The first two terms were from 1993-1997. Then, in 2001 and 2003, I was asked to stand for re-election, each time for two-year terms. Only my friend Pat Thomas has been on the Committee as long as I have and, interestingly, our terms have been concurrent.

I love the book sales. I think I have worked most of the day at nearly every book sale since 1993, including setup and breakdown — before, during and after the construction of the new library. The book sales were an adventure back then, especially during the time when the library was in a temporary location and the book sales were held at the Cole School. I remember dragging my cousin, who was visiting from California at the time, to the Cole School one afternoon since we needed all the help we could get.

My book sale day begins the day before by visiting the bank for cash and ends the day after with counting and recounting thousands of dollars from the sale.

I am perhaps well suited for this job since I’m an accountant by profession with my own bookkeeping/accounting practice since 1992.

I volunteer to help with as many activities as I can from staffing the adult summer programs, the staff appreciation luncheon, Natick Days, the Antique Appraisal Days; the Wine and Cheese event; Author Readings; the Bookmobile dedication, labeling newsletters and other mailings, etc. In my spare time I enjoy reading classic novels, good mysteries and my husband’s poetry. For exercise I enjoy swimming, jogging and walking my dog.