Terri and Bruce Evans

Terri and Bruce Evans

Terri and Bruce Evans have been incredibly dedicated Friends members and volunteers for more than ten years. They have helped the Library with many events and projects during that time and have been especially visible as a team over the past three years working on book sorting functions for the Book Sales.

When they moved to Natick in 1995, Terri and Bruce knew they wanted to become involved in their new community. A town mailing from the Friends the following year sparked their interest and Terri became a member of Friends. With a new library under construction that was creating a lot of interest and activity at the time, Bruce sensed a need for additional help and soon joined Terri as a member and volunteer. Both of them worked on setting up the first Book Sale for the new Library in 1996 and have been contributing their time to helping with book sales in some capacity ever since.

Terri’s love of books developed early in life because her father’s first job out of college was for the Library of Congress. She was impressed by the commitment the Town of Natick had made to building this new library that would be such an important resource to the community. In 1998 she responded to a notice that the Friends were looking for someone to manage the member database, so she added that to her list of volunteer activities. Terri joined the Friends Steering Committee in 1999 as a General Committee Member and assumed the role of President from 2000 to 2003.

In 2002 when the previous Steering Committee President stepped down from her role of coordinating all Book Sale functions, the responsibilities were divided among several volunteers. Terri took over the sorting functions and Bruce joined her shortly afterwards to help sort, pack and prepare for setting up and breaking down the Book Sales. They have been working as a team on this project ever since. Terri has also recently taken on the role of point person for working with the online book dealers. Terri and Bruce are the first to acknowledge that their role is only part of a collaborative effort that contributes to the success of the Book Sales. They want to be sure that credit is given to Sheila Cram, Shirley Lowe and Sally McCoubrey who help sort books on a regular basis, as well as the many other volunteers who help staff the event three times a year.

In addition to her job as Political Press and Public Affairs Officer at the British Consulate and the work she does for the Library, Terri is a Town Meeting member and volunteers at the Center for Arts in Natick and for Boston by Foot. In her rare spare time, she enjoys cooking. Bruce is a Program Manager at Hewlett Packard and has been coaching youth basketball (7th and 8th graders) for the past eight years. He divides his volunteer time between the Library and TCAN and enjoys playing golf.

It is evident by their enthusiasm how passionate Terri and Bruce are about helping the Library and the community. The Friends greatly appreciate Terri and Bruce sharing their skills and energy with our organization. Their efforts help so much to make our Library an extraordinary resource for our community!