Update on Friends’ Annual Meeting

At the Friends’ Annual Meeting on September 24, the Steering Committee said farewell to one long-serving member and the membership elected one new member and re-elected four others.

Donna Freedman stepped down after four years serving on the Steering Committee and as the Friends’ Treasurer. She left on a high note: the last four book/bake/music sales have been our most successful! We appreciate all her work keeping the Friends’ financial house in order.

The membership elected Steve Kellogg to a two-year term on the Steering Committee, and re-elected Carol Gloff, Barbara Sanchez, Terri Evans, and Judie Ham to their second two-year terms.

While we talked about our fundraising success, Library Director Jason Homer provided impressive statistics on the number of programs, program participants, and museum pass users that our funds have made possible. Money well spent!

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting.

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